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Conoce más sobre Ángel de Viñas, nuestro apoyo a viñedos viejos

Find out more about Ángel de Viñas, our support and old vines

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Ángel de Viñas is an initiative to support old vines that we have rolled out in partnership with the Fundación González Byass and the Viticulture Research Group at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, which is comprised of eminent researchers such as José Ramón Lissarrague, Vicente Sotés and Pilar Baeza.

“Ángel de Viñas” will add three new viñedos singulares to the project every year, from anywhere in Spain’s wine producing regions, with a commitment to ensuring they continue to exist and are cultivated and to supporting and promoting awareness of them. This commitment will always be made with a view to the long term, meaning that the vineyards selected will be supported for at least three years to ensure the project has continuity. This support may take the form of buying the grapes and/or the wine or providing support with the work that is essential to maintaining the vineyard.

“Ángel de Viñas” marks a step further towards our obejective of ensuring the conservation of natural and historic heritage, both of which are closely linked to the local environment. It reflects our commitment to looking after and protecting the soil and the vineyards, in line with Sustainable Development Goal number 15: “Life on Land”.

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