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Angel de Viñas comes to Galicia

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The third initiative being rolled out under the Ángel de Viñas umbrella is the revival of a vineyard in the municipality of Oimbra, (Orense) in the Monterrei Denomination of Origin.  The vines in the 0.6-hectare vineyard are an average of 85 years old. The majority are grafted with the Doña Blanca grape variety, and a small percentage with Mouratón, a red variety.

The first vine was planted in 1935.  Whist the vineyard is in an area that enjoys a mild climate with relatively high rainfall (more than 700mm/year), the soil is acid, which is very unusual. Taken together, these conditions mean that wines can be produced that display great concentration and reflect the finesse and freshness of the soil in which the grapes are grown.

As well as preserving this vineyard with its Doña Blanca grapes and small percentage of Mouratón, Ángel de Viñas will be partnering with the Oimbra Town Council to raise awareness and promote the tradition of pressing grapes in stone tanks that have been preserved by the town.

Part of González Byass’ “5+5 Looking after the Planet” sustainability plan, “Ángel de Viñas” offers an insight into the past that leads the way to achieving Sustainable Development Goal number 15, “Life on Land”.

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