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Quality, Enviromental and Food Safety Policy

The González Byass group of wineries – González Byass Jerez, Finca Moncloa, Beronia, Finca Constancia, Viñas del Vero, Vilarnau, Pazos de Lusco, Beronia Rueda, Bodega O. Fournier, Viñedos Veramonte and Chinchón – which are dedicated to growing vines and to making, ageing and bottling wine (still wine, sherry wine and cava), brandy and other spirits (whisky, anis, liqueurs and gin) has undertaken to commit to deploying Quality, Environmental and Food Safety Management Systems as a cornerstone of ongoing improvement. Their implementation will be informed by the following General Objectives:

1. To comply with the requirements set out in the systems and protocols governing Quality, the Environment and Food Safety.

2. To fulfil all commitments entered into with regard to Designations of origin and specific regulations.

3. To create awareness of the quality, environmental and food safety policy at all levels of the group and ensure that it is understood by the entire organisation, by circulating information and publications internally and by training everyone in the team.

4. To devise a policy of ongoing improvement for the whole organisation, setting yearly objectives and improvement targets for all our drinks and crops.

5. To undertake regular assessments of the improvements achieved and of the efficiency of the Quality, Environmental and Food Safety Management Systems.

6. The company’s business is committed to environmental responsibility, sustainability, ethical responsibility and employer responsibility.

7. To behave in such a way that fosters correct Quality, Environmental and Food Safety Management, thereby driving, guiding and acting as an example in, the fulfilment of an obligation that involves all who work for the company, whose basic general objectives are:

– To ensure the quality, legality and safety of our products and services whilst operating a sustainable business by looking after the environment.

– To fulfil and satisfy our Customers’ needs, the Customers being the company’s main assets. The aim is to deliver full satisfaction of their expectations and needs by having the capacity to fulfil their needs and all regulatory and legal requirements that might apply relating to Quality, the Environment and Food Safety.

– To have suitable, safe facilities available for making safe, high quality drinks, in an environment that fosters the prevention of pollution whilst protecting the environment.

– To promote collaboration with all our suppliers in order to ensure that all raw and ancillary materials are harmless and to deliver a safe, efficient and high-quality service for all.

- Given that the Company’s Employees are the key driver of its operations and results, an over-arching objective is to be able to full satisfy their expectations and needs, by supporting employee development, team working and training and promotion schemes.

In line with these principles, the Management is committed to creating, implementing and maintaining a Quality, Environmental and Food Safety Management System throughout the company and at every level.

15th June 2020

Jorge A. Grosse

CEO Gonzalez Byass

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