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Un viñedo de 74 años en la D.O. Rueda

A 74-year-old vineyard in D.O. Rueda

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The “Ángel de Viñas” project’s first efforts were centred on reviving a vineyard in D.O. Rueda. Owned by the town council, it lies in Madrigal de las Altas Torres, one of the four municipalities of the province of Ávila that fall within this Designation of Origin. The town is also an historical enclave as it was the birthplace of Isabel la Católica. The vineyard consists of 12 hectares of exceptional gobelet-trained Verdejo vines.

The project will involve producing wine using grapes of exceptional quality grown in the vineyard and vinified in our cutting-edge Beronia winery, also located in this Designation of Origin. At the same time, we will be studying the exceptionally sandy soil on whch the vineyard sits.

This first “Ángel de Viñas” initiative is an outstanding example of a public-private partnership whose objectives are to bring old vineyards back into production, create a sense of worth around them, retain the local population, promote the Rueda Designation of Origin and its vineyards, and develop the local economy.

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