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VIDas at Viñas del Vero

VIDas at Viñas del Vero

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Tits, Brown owls, owls, swifts, bats, tawny owls, robin red breasts and great tits are just some of the species that have come, qute naturally, to inhabit the 50 nesting boxes we have placed in the areas surrounding the Viñas del Vero winery and vineyards.

Each has been designed to simulate the specie’s natural habitat as far as posible, to provide the birds with a comfortable home adapted to their needs, and will serve to increase the populations of the various bird species that had dwindled significantly in recent years because of the scarcity of old woods and trees. What this means is that as well as making it easy for the birds to nest, we can be sure that there are natural predators for the populations of insects and rodents in the vineyards, which in turn means there will be a natural balance that will be self-regulating over the long term.

Along with the birds that are proven to be a sustainable, effective counter to pests in the vineyard, insects also have a role to play. “VIDas de Viñas del Vero” has therefore created an “insect hotel” in an old barrel, which will provide a further mechanism for supporting the Barbastro winery’s biodiversity.

Developed in partnership with the UECO association, this set of environmental actions seeks to provide better protection for biodiversity in the areas surrounding the winery and helps us move closer to fulfilling the “Life on Land” Sustainable Development Goal, one of the SDGs that González Byass has committed to making a priority.

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