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VIDas at Beronia Rueda

VIDas at Beronia Rueda

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Care for the environment has been a priorty at Beronia Rueda from the outset, starting with the winery’s design and construction. Some of the ideas that underpin the VIDas project at Beronia Rueda include the more than 2 hectares of protected woods at very centre of the winery, planned plantings of trees and shrubs around the winery and a scheme to encourage faunal life in the vineyard.

The project to encourage faunal life is being implemented in partnership with the GTEFA association and has been split into four parts: 

The first consists of nesting boxes for diurnal and nocturnal brids of prey that predate all day and all night long and play a key role in keeping the rodent population under control. These boxes have been placed in Finca La Perdiz and in El Torrejón, with different designs provided to accommodate owls, kestrels, small owls, brown owls and tawny owls. The second part is a similar exercise, but this time the boxes are for small insectivore birds such as the Eurasian tree sparrow and bats, with the boxes being set in the tree-covered areas of the two estates.

We have also had dry walls built, which are so commonly used in rural areas to mark the boundaries of properties and offer shelter for a range of species – amphibians, reptiles, small birds of prey and small mammals such as weasels and hedgehogs, which are all important for keeping insets under control. Lastly, a pond has been built at Finca El Torrejón to encourage amphibians to breed.

These initiatives seek to better protect biodiversity in the area surrounding the winery and are a step further towards fulfilling the “Life on Land” Sustainable Development Goal, one of the four SDGs González Byass has committed to prioritizing.

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