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Quality, Enviromental and Food Safety Policy

The González Byass group of wineries, has committed to implementing Quality, Environmental and Food Safety Management in line with the following General Objectives:

  1. To comply with the regulatory requirements and with documented commitments and requirements regarding matters of Quality, the Environment and Food Safety, as well as with requirements regulated by Designations of Origin and other regulations.
  2. To maintain and promote ongoing improvements to the quality, authenticity and safety of our products and services by means of techniques relating to food culture at every level of the organisation, as the collective result of individual responsibility, in order to satisfy the expectations of all interested parties.
  3. To commit to protecting the environment, preventing pollution and making sustainable use of resources, mitigating any impact on Climate Change and protecting biodiversity and ecosystems.
  4. To create awareness of the integrated policy regarding quality, product authenticity, the environment and food safety at all levels and ensure, by informing and training all involved and promoting the policy to them, that it is understood by the whole organisation.
  5. To steer our policy of ongoing company-wide improvement by setting objectives, planning and devising programmes to improve our processes and products.
  6. To carry out regular assessments of progress achieved and of the implementation of Quality, Environmental and Food Safety Management Systems.
  7. To maintain our facilities to a standard such that they are fit for purpose and safe for producing high quality products, creating a conducive environment.
  8. To promote co-operation between us and all our suppliers, with the aim of involving them in our commitment to ensure the raw materials and ancillary materials used are harmless, whilst ensuring a service that is safe, efficient and high quality for all.

As a guarantee of adherence to these principles, the Management assumes responsibility for implementing and keeping in place, at all levels of the company, an Integrated Quality, Authenticity, Environmental and Food Safety Management System.

March 2023

César Sánchez Moral

CEO Gonzalez Byass

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