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Tio Pepe Jerez Street

Gonzalez Byass reduce 60% of direct CO2 emissions

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We aren't shy about our commitment to embracing renewable energy and striving to find new ways in which to reduce our carbon footprint, so it is with great pride that we announce the reduction of more than half of our direct CO2 emissions within our Jerez wineries in less than a decade!

It was in 2013 that we first calculated our carbon footprint, and our 60% reduction since equates to 2,125 tonnes of CO2! In order to help visualise what a tonne of CO2 looks like, we recommend having a look here:,screens%20projecting%20images%20and%20videos. This link shows a 2009 art installation at the 2009 UN climates talks in Copenhagen, Denmark which had the goal of helping us visualise what a tonne of CO2 emissions actually looks like.

Our environmental commitment falls under our '5 + 5 Caring for the Planet' plan, which encompasses a wide range of initiatives. These initiatives are dynamic, so we aim to continually update and discuss the new ways in which we are working towards a more sustainable future. Examples include the introduction of a biomass boiler which generates heat energy for hot water, and the installation of 786 photovoltaic solar panels. These panels will generate enough energy for 20% of our total energy consumed, and we are working towards increasing this further. We also have two charging posts where employees, visitors and suppliers can connect their electric vehicles free of charge. 

We've worked hard to achieve 11.3 hectares of organic vineyard growing, and the renewed cultivation of Pedro Ximénez is a huge part of this. Beyond vitis vinifera, we're been planting various species of trees and shrubs to improve the health of our land and reduce the impact of pests. In the last five years alone, 669 trees and 768 shrubs have been planted.

We bring in societal and cultural elements to our overall sustainability initiatives as well. Through celebrating our heritage during the Tio Pepe festival, building our new sherry hotel, promoting the musical culture of Flamenco and sponsoring various films and productions that feature Jerez and its culture, we aim to preserve and promote the essence of who we are and where we come from.

Finally, we work to grow the work we do in education, ensuring our customers and consumers alike are in the best position to learn about and appreciate our products.

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