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A 100% electric tourist train to discover the magic of González Byass

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González Byass moves towards a more sustainable wine tourism. It does so with the launch of a 100% electric tourist train that will emit zero CO2 emissions into the atmosphere while it makes its tour of these wineries founded in 1835. History and sustainability meet again in González Byass.

With a battery powered by an electric charger, whose energy comes from renewable sources, and a flat autonomy of 8 hours at full load, the new tourist train of González Byass will make the journey of visitors to these wineries, from all over the world, more respectful with the environment and reduce emissions into the atmosphere. A philosophy that guides the day to day of this Family of Wine and Spirits and that is materialized in its plan "5 + 5 Caring for the Planet".

Following the guidelines of "5+5", González Byass has managed to achieve goals that help create a more sustainable future. In its wineries in the D.O. Jerez, the one achieved thanks to the commitment to the development of renewable energies stands out, which has meant a reduction, in less than 10 years, of more than half of its direct CO2 emissions. This philosophy is materialized with the photovoltaic park installed in González Byass, as well as with initiatives developed in favor of the biodiversity of its vineyards, the community, culture and knowledge of Sherry wines.

Experiences designed to create memorable memories

Visitors who approach the world of wines and brandies of Jerez de González Byass, do so through wine tourism experiences designed to create unforgettable memories. "Veranea en la bodega", "Tío Pepe Festival", the gastronomic proposal of the Pedro Nolasco Restaurant and the Hotel Bodega Tío Pepe are some of the examples of the sixth best tourist destination on the planet and the second Spanish, according to the ranking "The World's Best Vineyards".

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