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Wine writers and journalists award prizes to Tío Pepe Cuatro Palmas and Lepanto Brandy

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The members of the AEPV (Spanish Association of Wine Writers and Journalists) have made their selection of the best wines and spirits in the annual competition the Association runs. They have in fact done this twice over, firstly by selecting just 146 wines and vermouths out of 700 to go through to the final, and also 61 spirits in the 15 categories available. In this 12th edition of the competition, Tío Pepe Cuatro Palmas and Lepanto Brandy were, respectively, the wine and the brandy that received the most votes. Leonor and Noé were also finalists in their categories.           

The winning fortified wine

Tío Pepe Cuatro Palmas, a very old Amontillado aged for 53 years and produced in very small quantities, Tío Pepe Cuatro Palmas was the fortified wine that received the most votes, earning it the “Lavinia Prize” and placing it at the top of the “Oxidatively aged wines and wines aged by a combination of methods” category. Leonor Palo Cortado, a sherry whose production is shrouded in mystery, was also in that category.

The Sherry House, which also makes Tío Pepe, was delighted that Noé Pedro Ximénez Muy Viejo, a jewel amongst wines that ages for over 30 years, was placed amongst the best in the “Naturally Sweet Wines, Liqueurs and Vermouths (including PX)” category.

The Vote-winning brandy

Lepanto Solera Gran Reserva received the most votes in the “Brandies” category. The success means that the wine journalists, educators, editors and writers who make up the AEPV have recognised the unique nature of this Brandy, which is made entirely in Jerez from wine produced from grapes that are indigenous to the area (Palomino Fino), distilled in old copper tills and aged for more than 12 years in González Byass’ centuries-old cellars.


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