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Tío Pepe Finos Palmas Collection packaging design is a winner at International Wine Challenge Merchant Awards Spain

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Jerez de la Frontera, December 2020.

The Tío Pepe Finos Palmas Collection was one of the winners at the International Wine Challenge Merchant Awards Spain, with the design of its packaging being recognised as the year’s best. The jury that judged the competition was formed of leading industry professionals and, in awarding the accolade to the Finos Palmas Collection, signalled its recognition of the unique nature and quality of the historical design featured on these special sherry wines.

The imagery for the Tío Pepe Finos Palmas Collection is based on labels preserved in González Byass’ Historical Archives that have been adapted to adorn this unique collection following a painstaking design process. The composition features medallions commemorating world trade exhibitions and honorary diplomas as well as heraldic seals that stand out because of the gold-coloured metal embossing. Comprised of four wines, the Collection is shown in the photograph on a stave taken from a sherry butt featuring the “Palmas” symbols carved on it by hand.

The design reflects the essence of the Tío Pepe Finos Palmas Collection, four sherries in which González Byass’ both retrieves a particular style of wine and innovates at the same time, albeit with an eye on the past.  Four unique sherry jewels that demonstrate the capacity of the most universal of all Finos, Tío Pepe, to evolve over time.

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