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Tio Pepe Bodega

Bodegas Tío Pepe

The world’s most famous fino sherry

  In 1835 Manuel María González bought a small winery in Jerez which he named Tío Pepe after his uncle, who had taught him everything about winemaking traditions in Jerez. That fino would soon start to grow in status in both Spain and abroad to the point that today it stands as one of the most internationally prestigious and recognised Spanish brands.
Tío Pepe Premium Range

Premium Range

Sherries offer a wide variety of organoleptic properties and a huge range of sensations. The soil, the grape variety, the crianza system used in the winery, and ageing period shape the destiny of our wines.
Tío Pepe Gama VORS


These Sherries have a “certified age” of over 30 years, true wine treasures of the highest standard recognisable for their unmatched quality.
Tío Pepe Gama Palmas


Created in large Fino soleras, these are exceptionally clean, delicate, and elegant sherries that time transforms into one of the most highly-appreciated rarities in the world of wine.
Tío Pepe Gama Finito Sherries

Finito Sherries

Sherries are infinite in age but finite in life, almost deliberately “forgotten” to be deliberately rediscovered in the depths of our cellars.
Tío Pepe Gama Vermouth


We have recovered the 1896 recipe, which was perfectly preserved in the winery’s Historical Archive, to produce a genuinely sherry Vermouth that symbolises the fusion of past and present.
Tío Pepe Gama Brandy de Jerez

Brandy de Jerez

Gran Reserva Brandy is made entirely in Jerez and aged in American oak barrels using the traditional “crianza and solera” system. One of the finest Spanish spirits.




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