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González Byass launches ifeel to become pioneering Spanish winery in care for employees’ emotional wellbeing

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González Byass has introduced a programme called ifeel, a holistic psychological support platform designed to look after, improve, and strengthen the emotional wellbeing of its people both in Spain and in its subsidiaries around the world.

The initiative makes González Byass the first winery in Spain to offer its employees efficient, personalized online tools, exercises and therapy provided by licensed psychologists and designed to care for their emotional needs.

Be it through the resources available in the app of through ongoing therapy, the ifeel system provides psychological support – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – that combines artificial intelligence with sessions led by a professional therapist.. Via pathways tailored specifically to the needs of each person, González Byass employees will have access to the platform’s content and will be able to use the resources it recommends, which include, amongst other things, an emotional diary, mindfulness, self-awareness and self-understanding exercises, readings, and consultations with therapists. The scheme aims to maintain stability, prevent problems from becoming bigger, reduce uncertainty caused by the pandemic and help each person be in the best emotional place they can.

González Byass has found ifeel to be the best partner for this particular sustainable investment, centred as it is on the company’s human capital. The move is part of its “5+5 Looking After the Planet” initiative and is an enhancement to Sustainable Development Target (SDT) number 8, which advocates quality employment. In the words of Group Human Resources Corporate Director Juan Manuel Sánchez, “this tool will help mitigate the consequences the pandemic has brought about on a psychological level. What is most important is that our team is able to take on the challenges of the present and the future from a position of strength.”

ifeel CEO Amir Kaplan, for his part, claims that “this alliance with the González Byass wineries is a boost to our corporate partnership strategy; we want to be the perfect partner for looking after the mental health of any company’s employees, by providing them with psychological support and supporting the teams’ managers by advising them on how to prevent and reduce problems. To look after your employees’ mental health is to look after your company.”

About ifeel

ifeel is a platform that offers holistic psychological support to private individuals and companies. Founded in 2016, it combines artificial intelligence with personal therapy delivered by licensed psychologists specialized in different areas. The app has more than 300,000 users and in the five years since its launch has become the leading provider of online psychotherapy in Spain. Backed by powerful technology and human resources, ifeel looks after hundreds of patients every day in more than 30 countries and in ten different languages. It has teams of psychologists in Portugal, France, Brazil, Colombia and Canada, amongst other countries.

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