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González Byass forges ahead with sustainable electric mobility

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12 González Byass wineries and production facilities located in Spain are set to have free charging points installed for electric vehicles. The initiative is the González Byass Family of Wines and Spirits’ way of making a tiny contribution to the move towards sustainable electric mobility in Spain. The company is installing the charging points at the González Byass and Las Copas wineries (Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz), at Vilarnau (Sant Sadurní d´Anoia, Barcelona), Domino Fournier (Berlangas de Roa, Burgos), Beronia Rueda (Rueda, Valladolid), Adega Pazos de Lusco (Salvaterra do Miño, Pontevedra), Finca Constancia (Otero, Toledo), Viñedos del Río Tajo (Daramezas, Toledo), the Chinchón facility (Chinchón, Madrid) and at Bodega Las Copas (Tomelloso, Ciudad Real).

These 10 charging points, which will become operative before the end of this year as and when the Moves III Programme allows for them to be installed, follow on from two that are already live at Beronia (Ollauri, La Rioja) and Viñas del Vero (Barbastro, Huesca). The latter’s commitment to sustainable mobility is such that it has also installed a charging point for hydrogen vehicles, with the hydrogen being generated by hydrolysis using renewable energy.

The charging points will feature on apps such as Google Maps and Electromaps, amongst others, where the user will be able to book a slot online and set how long they need to charge their vehicle for. The electric charging points will be available to the public during the winery’s opening hours and are fitted with type 2 connectors that provide a semi-fast charging capacity of up to 22 kw/hour. These features mean that, in the two hours it takes to complete a tour of the winery, the car can take on sufficient charge to take the wine tourist a further 255 km.

The energy fed into the charging points comes mostly from photovoltaic arrays that have already been installed or are in the process of being installed at the various wineries. This ensures that the electric charges will be zero emissions at source, a feature that very few facilities offer. A charge of two and a half hours a day at each of the 12 facilities, will avoid 145 Tm of CO2 being emitted and will save more than 100,000€ of fossil fuels being used.

The Project is part of González Byass’ “5+5 Looking After the Planet” initiative and will improve electric mobility for staff, visitors, suppliers and customers at all of González Byass’ wineries and facilities in Spain. The charging points will be free of charge to use and will help palliate the huge deficit of charging points in Spain (no more than 11,000 live points compared with 45,000 in countries such as France, Germany and the Netherlands), whilst also promoting, altruistically, the renewable source of the electricity being delivered for sustainable mobility.

Endesa X is supporting and collaborating with González Byass to design, equip, install and project manage these facilities and ensure legal compliance.

Part of the Programme of incentives for efficient and sustainable mobility, IDE’s Moves III Programme, this initiative marks a further step towards fulfilling UN Sustainable Development Goals number 7, “Access to affordable, clean energy” and number 12, “Responsible production and consumption”.

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