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González Byass creates “GBknowit”, a training environment for its team

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González Byass has created a latest generation global learning ecosystem designed to deliver training and professional development for its teams located in Spain, the United Kingdom, Mexico, the United States, Chile, China and Germany. Known as “GBknowit”, the platform can provide users with the training they need to consolidate or acquire the knowledge and tools to convert their ideas into actions.

With “GBknowit”, González Byass is putting employee development centre stage. Designed to enhance their professional advancement, it will create a culture of ongoing learning in line with the company’s values and goals. The platform reflects the González Byass team’s responses to a consultation regarding their concerns and suggestions as to its design and how it could become a resource for gaining knowledge and learning about innovations. As a tool, it will facilitate reskilling and upskilling the teams so they acquire the skills they need now and will need in the future.

The stated objectives are achieved via journeys consisting of internal and external courses, usually multimedia and of different durations, that cover a variety of topics such as emotional health and wellbeing, sales and digital marketing as well as several languages, cyber security and data processing, amongst others. Overall, it affords a broad spectrum of training resources, rounded out by lectures, webinars and videos created so that every professional can keep their enthusiasm for learning and developing their skills going under their own steam.

It will be possible to monitor which resources are most valued and take on board employees’ opinions about each of the courses they take and that they will be able to connect to on a computer, tablet or smartphone. González Byass professionals continue their experience as learners in a digital environment that will keep their creative nature and desire for ongoing improvement – features that have characterised this Family of Wines and Spirits since is foundation in 1835 – alive and well

“GBknowit” is part of the “5+5 Looking after the Planet” initiative and underpins Sustainable Development Objectives (SDO) number 4, which promotes quality education, and 8, which is geared to providing quality work.



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