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Vista aerea Dominio Fournier

Dominio Fournier, at the heart of Ribera del Duero

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With its acquisition of Dominio Fournier, a small winery located in Berlangas de Roa, González Byass has moved in to the heart of Ribera del Duero. The Wine Family has thus taken a step further towards its ambition to represent the wealth and diversity of Spanish wines, with two emblematic examples: Dominio Fournier Crianza 2016 and Dominio Fournier Reserva 2014, produced by Marian Santamaría and Laura Terrazas, whose winemaking methods have been inspired by the skills of yesteryear’s craftsmen.

With this acquisition González Byass has fulfilled an ambition it has had since the early 20th century to make wine in Ribera del Duero. Ever since then, several generations of the family have felt an emotional link to the quality of the region’s soils and vineyards and even to the creation of the designation of origin. Today, the Wine Family is a physical presence in the region through Dominio Fournier, a winery that stands in a special location tucked-away on the banks of the Duero river.

 On the Banks of the Duero

The estate’s 50 hectares of Tinta del País vines stand on a pretty fluvial terrace along the edge of the river Duero, which borders the vineyards for more than 2 Km. Planted in several different plots, the vines are pruned in the traditional gobelet style and are on average more than 25 years old, with some being as much as 60 years old. The most significant feature of the majority of the vineyards is that the soil is poor and is covered by a surface layer of pebbles, which prevents the vines growing too vigorously and thus develops a greater concentration in the grapes. This is definitely the best place for making benchmark D.O. Ribera del Duero wines.

 A love of detail

A love of detail is evident in the vines themselves. From the moment the first shoots appear in spring through to the autumn harvest, every step taken at Dominio Fournier is informed by experience, passion and commitment as the winery strives to preserve the legacy inherited from its foundation in 1960. Everything is geared to remaining faithful to the region’s finest viticultural tradition and to making elegant, structured, intense wines that are proud reflection of where they come from, the product of manual work, small plots and minute attention to detail.

 Dominio Fournier Crianza 2016

Dominio Fournier Crianza 2016 exemplifies this philosophy. Made from selected, hand-picked grapes, it matures in French and American oak barrels for 12 to 14 months – long enough to give the wine complexity and personality and reveal some of the tertiary aromas that appear as a result of ageing. Fresh, smooth and elegant on the palate, the wine displays remarkable persistence and is pleasantly memorable. This is a harmonious, balanced wine that is a perfect match for meat and strong cheeses.

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