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Gonzalez Byass UK Belated Christmas

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Covid (that old chestnut) well and truly quashed our Christmas 2021 plans. As zoom meetings became daily positive case roll calls, and those with travel plans whipped themselves into a paranoid frenzy, it seemed the chances of meeting together and maintaining that single red line were less likely than winning the EuroMillions.. 

So it was with a heavy heart that our annual Christmas get together, like so many others, was postponed. But you know, nothing (besides December) screams Christmas quite like the 30th of March, so it was last Wednesday that the Gonzalez Byass UK team got to evaluate our successes, discuss our future objectives, and ultimately celebrate being together as a company once more. London even came to the party and provided us with a fine dusting of sleet to bring those wintery vibes!

Big pictures were discussed, wine was evaluated, sherry was drunk, and golf balls were hit with varying degrees of accuracy.  

We have a strong set of company values, and we go to great lengths to live by them: 

We are one team 

No one needs to be reminded of the challenges that come with remote working, and there is undoubtedly a danger of becoming mini, unlinked teams, or worse still, one-person silo's. But this driver serves as one big umbrella (also fitting for last Wednesday) that backs everything we do. Our company gatherings don't just serve as a collective pat on the back for a job well done, they're a chance for different departments to analyse, challenge and discuss what works well, what could improve, and ultimately how we can continue to move forward as that one team. Most importantly, they’re about us reconnecting as people and friends. 

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We are experts in what we do 

The wine and spirits industry is no stranger to a good buzzword, and 'dynamic' is one of the first that springs to mind. Base-level qualifications serve a great purpose, but what sets us apart is a constant drive for further knowledge and sharing our learnings and experiences with each other. Be it new products, advances in sustainable practices, industry trends or technological and digital knowledge, we strive to embrace change and stay ahead of the game. 

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We love what we do 

Ultimately the above simply couldn't be possible if we didn't! 

We exceed expectations 

Both on a company and individual level. It must be said, crazy golf brought out some of the most unlikely of winners...

We do what we say we are going to do 

We said we'd try the new En Rama, we said we'd enjoy some delicious wine together and we said we'd celebrate being part of the business we love -  and that we did! 

En Rama 2022

We have fun 

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