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Cheers to Marco Maiorano - UK Tio Pepe Challenge Winner 2024

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Let’s raise a glass of Tio Pepe to Marco Maiorano, Bartender at Scarfes Bar, our 2024 Tio Pepe Challenge UK winner!

After a long process of selecting the best applications from across the country, ten national finalists were chosen to attend the 2024 Tio Pepe Challenge UK final at The Mandrake, London. Ten bartenders battled for the top spot, enduring an intense day of blind tasting, pouring fino from a venencia and, of course, creating outstanding signature Sherry cocktails. 

Through every stage of the UK final on 26th March 2024, Marco’s positive energy shone through. From almost flawless blind tasting to stylish venenciador work, his performance culminated with a beautifully executed cocktail that was both delicious to taste and told with a story from the heart.

Marco’s ‘Rovere’ cocktail encompassed notions of the wood that is so important to Sherry’s ageing, as well as his own family’s history working in parquet flooring. What’s more, the idea of ‘roving’ reflected the ethos behind the Nomad whisky concept, that formed the base of his incredible drink.   

Cheers to Marco, and best of luck at the global final in Jerez!


ROVERE – Marco’s Winning Cocktail

40 ml Fig infused Nomad Whisky 20 ml Tio Pepe Fino 10 ml Nocino (Walnut liqueur) 10 ml Maple Verjus  5 ml Salted Caramel syrup


Pour all the ingredients into a mixing glass, stir, pour over ice and garnish with wood chocolate


We’d like to say a special thanks to all 10 bartenders for their effort, passion, and outstanding sherry knowledge. 

Marco Maiorano – Scarfe’s Bar

Dionysios Tzorouchof – Twice Shy

Storm (Anh Thu) Le – Bacchanalia 

Andrea Costa – The Dorchester

Ignacio Grimaldi Alcina – Artist’s Bar, The Dorchester

Simone Portas – Clap

Paul Minea – Dr Cocktail LTD

Luca Sanna – The Mandrake

Matteo Basso - Simo

Enea Dal Toe – China Tang  

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