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A vineyard in Arribes

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González Byass is taking its Ángel de Viñas project to D.O. Arribes to help revive and preserve a vineyard in Pereña de la Ribera.

The vines in this 1.9-hectare vineyard are an average of 86 years old. The grapes grown here are primarily the Juan Garcia variety, with a small proportion of Tinto Jeromo. The soils are schist and quartz, the oldest types of soil in the Iberian Peninsula, and were formed even before the Pyrenees, so produce wines that display a distinctly mineral character.

            The plot, which is tended by the 4th generation of the family that planted the first vines there back in 1936, is set to write a new chapter in its history, producing wines that express the uniqueness of the Denomination of Origin.

            This winegrowing area, the second in Castilla y León, joins the vineyards that are already being retrieved and preserved in Madrigal de las Altas Torres (D.O. Rueda), Espiells (Alto Penedés), and Oimbra (D.O. Monterrei). Together they comprise the picture González Byass is painting through the Ángel de Viñas initiative to preserve this inheritance from nature, which is so necessary to safeguarding the biodiversity of the surroundings and the origin of wines that display unique features.

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