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Viña AB “Estrella de los Mares” and Noé, on Robert de Niro’s “Priceless menu”

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Viña AB “Estrella de los Mares”, one of the most special of sherries, and Noé, an exclusive Very Old Pedro Ximénez, have been paired with part of the “Priceless Menu” that Madrid Fusión Alimentos de España created for Robert de Niro. The chefs who designed this culinary experience that the movie star enjoyed in the royal suite of the Mandarín Oriental Ritz Hotel were Mauro Colagreco, Joan Roca, Quique Dacosta, José Andrés and Martín Berasategui.


In this spectacular proposition, the starter by chef Quique Dacosta – fish and meat cured in a saline atmosphere, with slices of dried tomato – were paired with Viña AB “Estrella de los Mares”, a “there and back” Sherry that has been around the world on board the 93rd training voyage of the Juan Sebastián de Elcano.


The Solera Exclusiva Noé, for its part, accompanied the desserts served at this culinary challenge. The unique features of this Very Old, V.O.R.S., Pedro Ximénez harmonised perfectly with the exquisite creations by chefs Mauro Colagreco – Flowering Orange Tree - and Joan Roca – Dairy Dessert, dulce de leche, ewe’s milk ice cream, ewe’s milk junket foam, ewe’s milk yogurt and cloud.


Viña AB “Estrella de los Mares”

By sending this sherry on a “there and back” voyage on board the Juan Sebastián de Elcano Training Ship, González Byass has revived the tradition of  sending wines on a "round trip”. A rare amontillado (only 510 bottles) from a single butt of Viña AB from the “La Constancia” winery, number 74. After travelling around the world on board the Elcano, the wine developed a deep amber colour and became rounded and complex with a distinct influence from its lengthy biological ageing. It also developed a very distinct saltiness, courtesy of the sea breezes.


Noé Pedro Ximénez Muy Viejo V.O.R.S

Made in very limited amounts, this Exclusive Solera sherry from González Byass ages for an average of 30 years in American oak butts, following the traditional solera and criadera system. Constancy, patience and selection are the key elements that make this Pedro Ximénez Muy Viejo V.O.R.S unique. A deep ebony colour, it displays aromas of figs, coffee and spices, whilst its flavour is very sweet and silky.

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