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Finca Moncloa Tintilla de Rota Edición Limitada

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There is a vineyard in a corner of Cádiz, in Arcos de la Frontera, where an almost-forgotten memory has been revived. The revival is happening at Finca Moncloa, the winery that has started making red wine again in an area where it was commonly made long ago, in the 16th century. The winery has also brought the age-old Tintilla de Rota grape variety back into production, a variety that had almost become extinct yet was grown on a significant expanse of land around the town of Rota and other townships in the Cádiz area in the 18th and 19th centuries.


The winery is now introducing Finca Moncloa Tintilla de Rota Edición Limitada, an unusual and very scarce wine (the first vintage has produced just 2,076 bottles). The development is the result of the González family having planted red grape varieties in the Tierra de Cádiz region in 1972, an investment that marked the beginning of the return of this variety that González Byass was using to make wine with back in 1841.


Following 40 years of research and dedication that fostered the return of the Tintilla de Rota to the Tierra de Cádiz, a new chapter in the story of this variety is about to begin. This wine is made very carefully and delicately from grapes that are picked by hand, with only the best berries and bunches selected, and is aged for 12 months in new American oak barrels to retain the essence of the Tintilla de Rota grape.


A deep ruby red, ripe cherry colour, it displays aromas of red and black fruits, oak, cacao and spices, complemented by light floral and balsamic notes. Smooth and balanced, the wine has body and a slight acidity that is typical of the grape variety. Suitable for vegans, Finca Moncloa Tintilla de Rota Edición Limitada is ideal for anyone looking for a wine with a history and made with passion. A perfect match for red meat, grills, game and lamb.


The winery is now also making a sweet Tintilla de Rota: Finca Moncloa Tintilla de Rota Dulce.

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