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Beronia is World’s First Winery to treat barrels with Cleanwood System

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The high-precision “Cleanwood” technology has arrived at Beronia. The D.O.Ca. Rioja winery has decided to invest in this system to carry out the maintenance of its barrel park because, as well as the process of disinfection and regeneration being faster, it will also achieve a reduction in the amount of water and electricity consumed.

Using high-frequency waves, the technology delivers a set pattern of frequencies and intensities to the wood that eliminate micro-organisms. Setting the correct pattern of frequencies is key in order to avoid modifying the properties of the organoleptic components of the wood.

Called Microwave Shock Pulse (MwSP), this technology regenerates the wood in just 4 minutes, opening its pores, leaching out part of the wine embedded in the wood, extracting it along with the microbiological elements inside the wood and eradicating the entirety of the micro-organisms that are harmful to ageing wine. The result is wine of better quality and barrels with several more years of useful life.

The move has brought the world of high-precision technology, innovation and sustainability together again in the wines produced by Beronia. The winery was the first in Europe to achieve LEED pre-certification and has introduced geo-thermal and thermo-activation (TABS) systems, placing it at the forefront of the international winemaking industry.

From “mixed barrels” to Cleanwood

Research into better use of barrels that will create wines with more unique features has been a part of the Beronia story for a long time. The winery was in fact the first to use mixed wood barrels to age some of its wines in, using different kinds of oak: American oak staves and French oak ends. Using these barrels has endowed the wines produced with a characteristic balance that has become known as the “Beronia style”.

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