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Sherry Cask

The London Nº1 Sherry Cask Gin

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London and Jerez are the enclaves that have split two of the most desired products worldwide: gin and Jerez wine. Both join in The London Nº1 Sherry Cask.

A unique gin arrives that combines the vanguard and rhythm of London with the historical legacy of one of the world's leading wine regions, Jerez. This is The London Nº1 Sherry Cask, an exclusive gin coming from a very limited edition.

It has character, is peculiar and follows a very special elaboration process. It begins with the distillation in London in copper stills of a maceration of 12 botanicals in grain alcohol and continues with an aging in Jerez American oak boots, which have previously contained the most universal Jerez Fino, Tio Pepe.

After this period of time, The London Nº1 Sherry Cask acquires a pale yellow color, due to the extraction of the components of the oak wood wrapped with the wine. Also, with this aging, the perfect assembly of each and every aromatic character of gin, wood and wine is achieved.

The result is a fragrant and very pleasant gin with notes of juniper berries and a mixture of botanical nuances, completed by a touch of wood with winey sensations. The palate is soft, elegant and complex, with very well integrated notes of alcohol and wood.

It is recommended to enjoy in the aperitif, alone with ice or with a gin & tonic with 3 half slices of green apple and 2 drops of orange angostura.

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