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Mom Rocks

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MOM Rocks is made in the purest style of London Dry Gin yet boasts a surprising, ground-breaking, vibrant spirit. God Save the Gin!

 London in the 70s. The punk movement informed the fashion of the decade for a generation and became an aesthetic and philosophical movement that in turn became a culture in its own right in the British city.

Years later, MOM, the most ground-breaking gin of all, is extending its range with the launch of MOM Rocks. This new gin captures the essence of the London look of the 70s and of a London Dry Gin in a smooth flavour that goes a step further.

What MOM Rocks delivers for gin lovers is a classic gin & tonic that is edgy at the same time. Because MOM Rocks starts by displaying the most classic style of a London Dry Gin, yet on the finish reveals a fragrance and notes of aromatics – juniper and coriander – that make it quite amazing.

To enjoy MOM Rocks, serve in a very well-chilled balloon glass with a twist of lime and a dash of black pepper.


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