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González Byass and the Bodega Tío Pepe Hotel: safe environments

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González Byass has obtained “Safe Andalusia” (“Andalucía Segura”) and “Safe Wineries System” certification and is also “Safe Tourism Certified”. The three certifications are granted by the Andalusia Regional Government (Junta de Andalucía), SGS Internacional and the Spanish Institute for Quality in Tourism (ICTE) respectively.

What this means is that González Byass guarantees that all experiences relating to the accommodation, food and wine and tours offered by the Bodega Tío Pepe Hotel at the company’s wineries in Jerez de la Frontera comply fully with all health and safety protocols. The “Andalucía Segura” and “Safe Tourism Certified” endorsements prove the point. The family company has also been awarded “Safe Wineries System” certification for its facilities in this city.


“Andalucía Segura” 

Awarded by the Andalusia Regional Government (Junta de Andalucía), “Andalucía Segura” identifies Andalusian companies that comply with the Covid-19 safety measures, the aim being to reassure consumers that the World Health Organisation regulations are being implemented.

The Bodega Tío Pepe Hotel has merited the certification because it has implemented all recommendations set out in the guide issued by the Andalusia Regional Government. The seal of approval means that visitors can use the tourist voucher that the Andalusia Regional Government is offering to Andalusians travelling in the region. The voucher will be available until 31st May 2021 and offers a 25% discount on all trips that involve a minimum stay of three nights. Booking must be made through certified agencies.


Safe Tourism Certified” 

González Byass’ commitment to maximum safety in all aspects of health is also endorsed by it having been “Safe Tourism Certified”. Created by the Spanish Institute for Quality in Tourism (ICTE) – an independent Spanish not-for-profit organisation that encompasses the Spanish tourist trade associations, the Secretariat of State for Tourism, the autonomous regions and the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP) – this certification recognises those companies, organisations and other tourist resources that have implemented the Prevention of Risks to Health System in response to COVID-19.

The “Safe Tourism Certified” marque also seeks to foster confidence amongst Spanish and international customers and operators in the tourist industry.   


“Safe Wineries System” 

This accreditation certifies that an integrated protocol has been implemented that is designed to tackle any biological hazard, including SARS COV 2, known as COVID-19. The protocol comprises the management of cleaning and disinfection systems and safe processing and handling of data. Technical advice from the Official Association of Chemists of Murcia was instrumental in González Byass being awarded the accreditation.

The protocol includes interventions such as diagnosing the cleaning and disinfection process, taking appropriate Safety at work measures to tackle biological hazards and implementing a sampling plan that checks and analyses the cleaning and disinfection process. All of these measures are designed to ensure that the company’s facilities constitute a safe space, courtesy.


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