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Mom Love

Mom Love and Mamá Framboise: an eclectic proposition

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Mixology and cake-making merge into one in a novel, eclectic proposition: a cocktail by Mom Love gin and a mini ‘roscón’ (ring-shaped cake) by Mamá Framboise.

Mom Love gin and Mamá Framboise have joined forces to introduce a concept that represents true ‘thinking outside the box’. The creation is a unique, ground-breaking version of the ‘Christmas Love’ cocktail, made from this mild yet characterful pink gin and a mini roscón from the bakery that is famous for its passion and savoir faire.

The partnership has delivered a multitude of sensations that Mamá Framboise creator and founder Alejandro Montes has brought together in this miniature cake. Original and unique, the pastry chef’s creation combines to perfection the strawberry notes of Mom Love gin lightly infused into the cake mixture, with a strawberry jelly, the two perfectly paired with a light coconut Chantilly cream.

This mini, sift, spongy roscón is perfect for “Christmas Love”, a stunning cocktail made with Mom Love, a pink gin made with fresh strawberries and exotic botanicals that seems to be a distillate of a young, feminine, sophisticated and contemporary world. Mixed with cranberry juice, the creation combines the fruitiness of the strawberries, coconut and cane sugar syrup to perfection, whilst the citrus notes of the fresh lime juice provide a counterpoint, mellowed with a splash of soda water.

Christmas Love

5 cl Mom Love gin.

6 cl unsweetened cranberry juice.

2 cl unsweetened fresh lime juice.

2 cl cane sugar syrup.

Tops Soda.

Crushed ice.


Will you dare try it?

On the afternoons of 15th, 16th and 17th November this original, mould-breaking creation is being served for free at the Mamá Framboise shop on Calle Fernando VI. The mini roscón will also be on sale at the same shop, from 7th December until 5th January. The cocktail will be featured on the menu from 11th November until 5th January, the eve of the arrival of the Three Kings.

About Mamá Framboise:

Mamá Framboise is built around the pursuit of excellence and simplicity, true craftsmanship based on the use of the finest natural ingredients, a welcoming atmosphere, carefully chosen detailing and a love of what we do. Mamá Framboise was founded in 2011 with one aim in mind: to revive the romance in gastronomy and quality patisserie in Spain.

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