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Vista Vilarnau

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Looking after biodiversity and energy efficiency at Vilarnau, “green pruning” (referred to locally as the “castra’) of the Tío Pepe vines and the story of José Manuel Arana, González Byass Jerez’s Vineyard Manager, form the core of the plans being put forward by the González Byass Family of Wines.



Eva Plazas and Sergi Martí, winemaker and head of quality and viticulture respectively at Vilarnau, take a walk around the estate where the cellar is located to show what is being done to conserve the flora and fauna that inhabit the area. The pair will also be explaining the techniques Vilarnau has introduced to reduce water and energy consumption and the winery’s carbon footprint.

When and where? 29th May at 20.00, on Vilarnau’s

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds.


Tío Pepe in the Vineyard

“Green pruning” (referred to locally as “castra’) is about to start in the Tío Pepe vineyards in Jerez de la Frontera. José Manuel Harana, González Byass Jerez’s Vineyard Manager, will show step-by-step what is involved in this important work that strips the vines of unnecessary shoots and determines the future quality of the grapes.

When and where? 26th May on Tío Pepe’s

Instagram and Youtube feeds.


Over 50 years harvesting

José Manuel Harana is under the spotlight in the last wine moment this week, in a video that will review González Byass’ Vineyard Manager’s 50-plus years of harvesting. For over half a century, the most outstanding features of this professional’s work have been his love and passion for the vine, whilst the work he has done has been pivotal to the development of Jerez wines.

When and where? 28th May on Tío Pepe’s en  

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds.



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