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Nomad is a Scottish whisky with the soul of Jerez and is the work of a unique collaboration of Antonio Flores and Richard Paterson.  This premium blend is made up of 40% Malt Whisky, aged for 5 to 8 years in Scotland and then travels to Jerez.  The whisky is then aged in American oak casks which previously contained Pedro Ximenez sherry in the historic Gonzalez Byass cellars.

The ageing in these barrels make the whisky unique.  The century old winery in Jerez is subject to changing temperatures, humidity, and maritime influences and imbued with the native yeasts that are so unique to the cellars gives Nomad its particular and incomparable personality.

It offers a bright topaz colour with inviting aromas reminiscent of oak & sherry due to its ageing process.  Smooth and elegant on the palate with prominent flavours of raisins and honey.  A long finish with hints of vanilla and dried fruits.

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