Sustainability, Quality and the Environment
5+5 Caring for the planet

5+5 stands for the five generations of the González family who have led the company into the 21st century while caring for the planet, and for the next five generations, who will continue a mission based on the good work done so far.



The 10 Rules of Sustainability
1. – Reduce emissions into the atmosphere.
2. – Lower energy consumption.
3. – Increase the use of clean energy.
4. – Save water.
5. – Reduce the amount of waste generated by the business.
6. – Commitment to suppliers and ecological design.
7. – Develop sustainable farming practices in the vineyards.
8. – Conserve environmental biodiversity.
9. – Commitment to society.
10.- Comitment to employees.


Integrated Policy on Quality and the Environment

We are very aware of how important it is to ensure our products and services are of a high standard, in order to satisfy our customers and to ensure profitability and competitiveness in the market. Moreover, our company undertakes to ensure that all both our manufacturing and management activities are environmentally friendly.
We have therefore set up an Integrated Quality Management System (ISO 9.001:2.008) and an Integrated Environmental Management System (ISO 14.001:2.004), the basic principles of which are:

• To maintain and improve the quality and safety of our products and services, as a collective outcome of individual responsibility, in order to satisfy our customers’ expectations.
• To base real and sustained growth on the optimization of profits and continuous improvement.
• To comply with relevant legislation and apply it to our installations at all levels – local, regional, national and any other – with regard to quality, safety and the environment.
• To provide staff with sufficient training and motivation to ensure processes and technical safety and environmental conditions are improved, thus reducing the environmental impact of all our activities and jobs.

• To take necessary action to prevent contamination; to reduce contaminating emissions to a minimum; to reduce the amount of waste, and recycle and reuse it whenever possible; to use natural resources, raw materials and energy in an efficient manner.
• To establish procedures for regular Policy and Target reviews, and apply corrective measures whenever breaches are detected in the continuous improvement process.
• To circulate this policy among staff, suppliers, subcontractors and any other interested parties.
• To operate a Management System that is appropriate to the nature, size and environmental impact of our activities, so as to ensure all activities related to quality and the environment are controlled.