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Tío Pepe was the first fino sherry to reach England in the mid-19th century, and it gradually gained recognition on other markets.

In 1935, for the first centenary of the winery’s foundation, the company’s head of publicity, Luís Pérez Solero, devised and designed a series of icons, dressing the winery’s bottles in different outfits. The Tío Pepe icon immediately stood out from the rest, with its wide-brimmed hat, red Andalusian jacket, its hands on its hips and a Spanish guitar by its side.

The Tío Pepe icon has been around the world a few times since then, helping to promote the international brand image, which is present today in over 102 countries, and is probably one of Spain’s most recognized brands.

The bottled dressed up as Tío Pepe has been admired, depicted and acknowledged by artists and famous names all over the world, who see it not only as a symbol of Spain, but as an artwork that has enchanted and brought joy to millions of people.

It is a symbol that makes you break into a smile the moment you see it – so why don’t you come and take a look for yourself?

The evolution of the Tio Pepe brand