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González Byass' official statement

González Byass' official statement

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González Byass is committed to the global containment of Covid-19 and, from the first moment, has put protocols in place to protect the health of its employees, partners, clients and society in general.

Whilst the situation globally is currently at different stages, the sense of maximum precaution is the same. All of our subsidiaries and offices spread across the world are following the government guidelines to the letter and supporting each administration.

We are extremely grateful to the member of the health service for the enormous effort they are making as well as the different collectives that are providing essential services in these very complicated times.

Over its 185 year history, this family company has lived through economic and health crises, war…and it has always seen how a united society has overcome these challenges; the situation now is no different. Together we are stronger. At home we can still help and facilitate the work of those who look after the health of many.

Today, more than ever, we must take care of ourselves so that we can enjoy a drink together again soon.


CEO González Byass

Jorge A. Grosse 

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