MOM: The Queen of Gins

Publicada el 16 April, 2015

The González Byass family welcomes a new member: MOM, the youngest gin in the house. This newcomer is made in Britain and reinterprets the symbols of the British tradition from a modern perspective. Its name, MOM, is a transgressive, humorous wordplay very much in the British style, which hints at the devotion to this distillate shown by the British Royal Family.

MOM, “The Queen of Gins”, was created with the aim of breaking stereotypes. Smooth but distinctive, aristocratic and plebeian, elegant and rebellious. Its design, black and magenta, is intended to represent the duality of the British character: tradition and modernity.

The result is a premium gin made with red berries and exotic botanicals that blend into an extremely gentle drink. Its exciting personality results from infusing the gin with red berries after four distillations in copper stills. From now on, gin and tonic will be aromatic and fruity.

MOM exudes a feminine, fashionable and sophisticated feel, all with a transgressive touch. God Save the Gin!