Mission and Vision



We are a company that manufactures and sells quality wines and spirits worldwide. While our roots are those of a Jerez-based family-run winery, we also represent the winemaking diversity of Spain.
Our business is focussed on ensuring consumers enjoy unique products and services, thanks to a broad distribution network with which we work closely and in an agile manner.
We are willing to collaborate with people and entities that enable us to maximise the value we offer our shareholders, employees, customers and consumers.
We encourage our collaborators to develop, we respect the natural environment, and we improve the social and economic environment, to which we feel bound by our tradition.


Our vision for González Byass is to be a family of wine brands that comprises leading wineries in the sector (the top three), from Spain’s most prominent D.O. regions, as well as distinctive brands of premium spirits, all of which are distributed globally.

González Byass’ values include:

  • Pride at being part of González Byass.
  • Innovation.
  • Active communication.
  • Commercial spirit.
  • Teamwork.
  • Being driven by results.
  • Working to seek excellence and paying attention to detail.
  • Sustainability, so as to strike a balance between corporate financial development and respect for the natural and social environment in which we conduct our business.