González Byass, distinguished for its international success

Publicada el 7 December, 2018

The Spanish Exporters and Investors Club has awarded González Byass its “medium-sized Spanish company with a remarkable international projection” award at the 16th edition of their Internationalization Awards. With this distinction, the jury has recognized the successful international experience –of more than one century– of this Family of Wines, as well as its being “a family business that has known how to adapt to current trends” and its “representativeness within the sector, not only at the national level, but also internationally”.

González Byass was founded in 1835, with a clear international approach. During its first 20 years operating the winery managed to place its wines in the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Russia. This tendency is reflected, especially, between 1860 and 1869, a period in which the exports of the winery came to represent 2% of Spanish sales abroad.

The preservation of this spirit of export, present throughout the 20th century and in the early years of the 21st century, has brought the González Byass premium wines and spirits to more than 100 countries. Especially outstanding along this commercial path, initiated more than 180 years ago, is the creation of own subsidiaries in Spain, Chile, the USA, Mexico and the United Kingdom, as well as several commercial offices and delegates present in China, Germany, Brazil and Canada.

The result is a Jerez-based winery that produces wines in 11 wine regions of Spain, Chile and Mexico, and spirits in its three distilleries of Spain and Mexico.