Enjoy the Beronia Style

Publicada el 19 May, 2016

Leave a blank space in your schedule, look for a special place to be with the best company possible and get ready to discover unique sensations. Wineries Beronia and Cristina Oria have designed an exclusive gourmet box, so that you can taste authentic delicatessen while toasting with the new Beronia Reserva (Qualified Designation of Origin Rioja) and Beronia Rueda (Designation of Origin Rueda) vintages.

Begin with a bright and refreshing glass of Beronia Rueda 2015 and match it to a smooth, creamy French Clarines cheese. If your stomach is not full enough, go for a subtle and balanced combination of foie mi-cuit with black tea and red berries accompanied by an Oporto jelly. And match it to some sweet, tasty sips of this 100% Verdejo. You’ll be in heaven.

You can continue with two Spanish culinary gems: Iberian ham and Iberian loin. To taste these delicatessen, you are invited to accompany every bite of them with a crunchy little breadstick and uncork a bottle of Beronia Reserva 2011. Then surrender to the sea of sensations brought by this elegant, complex and enveloping Rioja. The end is bound to be a good one.

Gourmet box available at the Cristina Oria store.