Beronia opens a new winery in La Rioja

Publicada el 28 September, 2018

Beronia will have a new winery dedicated to the making and aging of its premium, reserva and gran reserva wines. Located at the wine-growing estate itself, it will be an energy-efficient 100% sustainable winery, with an environmentally friendly design that integrates the building into the surrounding landscape and vineyards.

The location chosen for this new winery seeks integration into the landscape and embodies the sustainable approach that has always characterised Beronia since its inception. Along this line, the winery will remain buried for the most part, taking advantage of the gradient between the upper and lower plots of the farm. This will result in a reduction of the landscape impact as well as energy savings: most operations will be performed according to gravity laws and using the thermal inertia of the grounds. In addition, the building will use geothermal energy –by taking advantage of natural temperatures under the soil– to heat or cool water according the needs at each time of year, thus avoiding causing a greater energy consumption.

Along this line of respect for the environment, the design has adjusted to the inclination of the ground and will boast a high thermal efficiency. The production halls, the bottling machines and the barrel room will be hidden under a deck of plants: this will provide constant temperature inside the building and offer great views to the sea of ​​vineyards surrounding Beronia.

In respect to water saving, the winery will reuse clean rainwater, which will be collected and channelled into a warehouse where it will be used for several of the winery’s activities. Also, the new building will have LED lights and an adjustable lighting system at areas receiving natural light.

This extension of Beronia strengthens the winery’s commitment to wine tourism. The new facilities will also house a wine bar as well as different spaces for the organisation of specialized tastings and multiple activities to show the world of wine to visitors in the most original ways.

The 2019 vintage will mark the beginning of business activity at the new Beronia winery.