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González Byass, committed to the designation of origin rueda

González Byass has recently presented its first wine made in Castile and León: Beronia Rueda. The company’s commitment to this wine region –home to some of the greatest and most renowned white wines in the world– is brought to life in this 100% Verdejo wine. The venture will also include the purchase of a vineyard and the construction of a winery.

González Byass’ wine project in Castile and León –one of the regions with the strongest wine traditions in Spain– will initially count on the support of brand Beronia, one of the most prestigious Rioja wineries: for over 40 years, Beronia has produced wines full of character, winners of awards worldwide and true representatives of their terroir in the 80 countries where they are marketed.

Beronia Rueda

The character factor of Beronia Verdejo Rueda lies in the actual combination of the Verdejo grape variety and the gravelly soils that abound in the region. The vineyard –located on a brown, gritty and well aerated plot of land, which is also rich in calcium, magnesium and has an excellent drainage– is the crucial element behind Beronia Rueda’ unique characteristics.

This Verdejo wine results from the blend of two preparations coming from two different vintages: an earlier and a later one. The result is an aromatic, fresh wine, tasty and complex on the palate.

Beronia Rueda is bright, with a nice pale-yellow colour with greenish hues. Intensely aromatic, it displays hints of fennel, white flowers and fresh grass, as well as a rich background of stone fruits.

The palate is dry and flavourful: the wine is sweet as it enters the mouth, where it lingers softly; its balanced acidity and some of the bitterness typical of the variety lend persistence to Beronia Rueda.

Recommended Retail Price: €6.90