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MOM and Malasmadres Club present the perfect gift for Mother’s Day

Because the good mothers go to heaven and the badmothers (or malasmadres in Spanish) go partying… MOM –the youngest and most transgressive gin by González Byass– and Malasmadres Club –formed by mothers but first of all women, rich in sleep deprivation, poor in free time, an allergy to fussiness and a desire to change the world (or at least die trying)– have created the perfect gift for mothers who, on their special day, deserve a bit of a malamadre treat*.

This way, they have included everything necessary so that the busiest mothers can have a great time:

  • Some instructions that they will certainly want to follow to the letter to celebrate Mother’s Day as they really like: switched off from their daily madness.
  • A club shirt of the new collection “Golden Age”, perfect for going malamadre and which, whenever it is worn, let everyone know that is their moment and that they must not be disturbed.
  • A bottle of MOM, “The Queen of Gins”, precisely called that way in English as a tribute to British humour and the devotion of the country’s Royal Family towards this distillate.
  • A cup in which you can read “short of tonic and generous with gin” as a reminder of the best gin and tonic.
  • The book “Soy buena malamadre (“I’m a good Badmother”), the manifesto of the club and bible for badmothers, essential for every mother who feels imperfect and struggles for survival every day.


PVP: 69.99 euros

Limited edition

Point of Sale: www.soymalamadre.com


(*) To go malamadre: to engage in those activities that every badmother needs in order to freshen her mind, feel as a person again and miss a bit her goodchildren and their goodfather (if at all). Key requirement: the activity must last at least one hour and take place at a minimum distance of 10 km from the family home.






More information:

MOM is a premium gin made with red fruits and exotic botanicals that crystallise in an extremely smooth character. Its exciting character is the result of infusing the gin with red fruits following four distillations in copper stills. Gin and tonic, aromatic and fruity. MOM exudes a feminine, sophisticated and contemporary universe, with a transgressive touch. God Save the Gin!


Malasmadres Club is made up of women rich in sleep deprivation, poor in free time, an allergy to fussiness and a desire to change the world (or at least die trying). Imperfect mothers struggling not to lose their identity as women, to continue growing professionally and break the myths surrounding motherhood. Its aim is to put an end to the concept of superwoman imposed by society. Because true malasmadres neither have super powers nor even want them.