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Sherrymaster by Tío Pepe, the world of Sherry from another angle


“Let your shoes end the day white with albariza sand and your heart full of love for the wines of Jerez”. These are the words that Antonio Flores, winemaker and master blender at González Byass, used to welcome the 50 sherry lovers who participated in the 5th Sherrymaster by Tío Pepe. Led by this master of sherry, participants could live, once again, some unforgettable experiences aimed at disseminating the sherry culture from different perspectives. Because, if we had to summarise the event in a couple of words, these would definitely be ´passion´ and ´emotion´.

Falling under the spell of sherry was unescapable as guests could live and discover the very magic contained in these wines –full of history and appeal to the senses. From the vineyard to the tasting room, through the Historical Archive of the González Byass Foundation and the cellars where these wine gems grow and age, Sherrymaster intends to tour every nook and cranny of the universe of sherry, through a series of unforgettable activities.

One of them is “A Bit of Flor” by restaurant Mugaritz (two Michelin stars and located in Errentería, Basque Country), which paid homage to Jerez, its history and its wines. Andoni Luis Aduriz, Guillermo Cruz and Dani Lasa have managed to stop time and present what seemed impossible: they brought –with mastery and simplicity– the so-called “flowers of sherry” to our tables: those yeasts that make the magic of Jerez a reality. A genuine Mugaritz filled the González Byass Tasting Room with creativity so that attendees could delve into the synergy between the solid and the liquid worlds. Two parallel realities that melted into each other through a series of nomadic pairings between the surprising culinary proposals by Mugaritz and a selection of –almost eternal– Añadas and Palos Cortado by González Byass.

The fifth edition of Sherrymaster has also witnessed the union of sherry and drama in “Vinograma: The story of González Byass, dunk and told”, where the main focus was not on the physical wines, but on the story of González Byass. On the unique stage that provides the Alcázar Mosque of Jerez, some scenes were represented, featuring the milestones of the González Byass wineries, from their foundation to their first shipments, through dramatic moments such as the arrival of phylloxera or World War II. Emotions overtook spectators as they witnessed some moments in the story of this Family of Wines, tasted the wines selected by @Hacedordevinos and watched the scenes represented –with passion and charm– by the company “De Ida y Vuelta”.

In addition, the same experience was brought to restaurant La Carboná, where the “Chef of Sherry”, Javier Muñoz –an advocate for authentic, local products– led a gastronomic tour of Jerez. Atlantic fish and partridge and pigeon tatin were some of the proposals which –marinated with the González Byass wines– managed to expand, even more, the aromas and flavours offered by the Jerez/Sherry wines.