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Sherrymaster by Tío Pepe: when sherry becomes a feeling

González Byass is organising the third edition of Sherrymaster by Tío Pepe, to be held on 2 and 3 September at the company’s wineries in Jerez. Under the direction of Antonio Flores (@Hacedordevinos), winemaker and master blender at González Byass, sommeliers, experts, gourmets and wine journalists will tour the world of sherry: a unique, extremely complex and fascinating universe.

Following an ambitious programme, attendees will get to experience sherry beyond the tasting of sherry. First, they will visit Viña Esteve, where they will be shown the vital role that soil, wind and sun play for the making of sherry. Next they will travel through two centuries of history at the Historical Archives of the González Byass Foundation, where the historical, artistic and documentary heritage of this Family of Wines is kept and preserved.

The next master class in the programme will be a tasting offered by Cristina Losada –Head Sommelier of BCN 5.0, the Adrià brothers and Iglesias brothers’ project. This will be followed by the culinary experience “East and West: united by sherry”, conducted by journalist Jose Ferrer (@FerrerPepe). Antonio Flores will round off the first day with a V-tasting along the different paths of sherry.

The history of sherry will be the star again on Sherrymaster’s second day. Accompanied by historian Manuel Parodi, in “Archaeology of Wine” participants will visit the 4th-century-BC Phoenician cellars at Doña Blanca’s Archaeological Site. Back in the wineries, the programme will conclude with a “Chalk and Albero” tasting by Antonio Flores at the very barrels, where the uniqueness of each cask will be analysed along with the importance of the in-cellar classification of wines.

“Sherry is not easy, but nothing that is worth it is”

Antonio Flores, winemaker and master blender at González Byass