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Tío Pepe Challenge: the meeting point of sherry and cocktail


Tío Pepe Challenge has opened the registration stage to take part in the 2nd edition of this Spanish competition. The event will bring together professional bartenders from around the world and make them display –with their unique cocktails– their knowledge of sherry wines and their enormous potential as a star ingredient in cocktail preparations.

The competition, which was entered by more than 100 participants in its first edition in Spain, offers an opportunity to delve into the universe of sherry, watch the talent of Spanish bartenders materialise into classic preparations as well as into new and suggestive proposals in the world of mixology: all of them infused with some of the unique sherry wines.

To participate in the competition, applicants must be active professional bartenders and pass a knowledge test about sherry wines and González Byass. In addition, they will have to amaze the jury of the contest –made up of experts from the cocktail world– with a creation containing at least one González Byass sherry wine and one González Byass premium spirit among its ingredients. Of all the proposals received, the 10 best recipes will be selected to enter the final of the national contest, in which a winner will be chosen to represent Spain at the International Grand Final of the Tío Pepe Challenge, which will take place at the González Byass Wineries in Jerez de la Frontera on May 9.

Sign up and check the rules of the contest at: www.tiopepe.es/tio-pepe-challenge-spain-es/